Ideas for the kitchen

This is the before picture of the kitchen. We already painted the walls and tomorrow the new floor will be installed. On the right you can see the sink, on the left there are a couple of hanging cupboards which are plain white. I want to have white as the base colour in the room and as an eyecatcher little accentuations in teal or a dark turquoise. I already got a strainer which has an awesome teal/turquoise color and I'm going to make all the other elements fit to the strainer. Good idea, isn't it? My brother had the idea to use some plastic film and put it in stripes on the cupcoards to spice them up. We could also add some spotlights underneath the cupboards and put a aluminium cover on the wall to give it a little bit of an American diner feeling. The view from the kitchen into the garden is very nice, so I only want to have curtains which cover half of the window. I have electronic blinds on the windows, so I don't need full curtains to make the room dark in the evening. On the right next to the boiler I'd like to have simple boards to put up spices and maybe store some of the kitchen equipment that one needs for cooking. The oven will be on the right behind the sink. I spoiled myself with an CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel. the fridge will be at the position where I stood, when I took the picture.
Here are some of the fabrics, that I might use in the kitchen:
Teal cotton   
Panama Cupcakes  
Which one do you like best?

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