I am moving!

The day has finally come! On Friday I got the keys for my apartment and then I started to renovate. On Saturday I finished painting all the rooms, except for the bedroom which will be painted by a painter in the next week, with the help of my brother and his girlfriend. We even had the time to make a quick trip to IKEA and gather ideas. As both my dad and brother are really good craftsmen, I could just shout out ideas and they would say "Okay, we can make that and just need to buy this and that". Very handy!
Today I took a trip to another furniture shop, where I got a fridge and oven. The upcoming week the floor in the kitchen and the wall in the bedroom have to be finished, next weekend I'll do the carpeting with my dad and then I can already start to move my furniture. I'm so excited! I'll try to take some better pictures of the flat next week, but as I mentioned a dozen times already I just have a very shi**y camera, that always blurs anything.

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