Matching top and drink? For sure!

This picture is already some days old, but I think it shows my latest me-made really well. It is a sort of Colette Macaron style top with a yoke and rounded bust contour. I used a fairly old Burda pattern, which I already used a couple of times. The yoke is made of the same linen that I used for my latest Sorbetto and the yellow fabric is a knit that I got at stoffe.de. It is partly made of wool and partly of cotton. I love the colour and had enough fabric to make a cardigan as well. I used my trusted self-drafted cardigan pattern with a drapey front piece. I'll show you pictures, when I find a decent spot to take outfit posts after my move. Things are progressing slowly. Tomorrow I'll sign the lease contract and then I'll soon start to renovate the apartment, sew curtains, cushions and decorate. I plan to move in with little furniture, only the necessary parts and then slowly get additional pieces. As long as the kitchen is equipped with a fridge and oven and I have my mattress to sleep on, everything is fine. What are the most necessary elements of furniture for you?

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