A look into the future

J. Crew

Today I had a very fun day at work. I did not only write some texts for our blog and organized the material for a tutorial, we also had a meeting with one of our suppliers and got to see the fabrics for spring/summer 2013. Together with my colleagues we decided which fabrics should be purchased and I have to say it was not easy to decide. Lots of beautiful flower prints, some digital prints and great jersey fabrics. The final decision was made by my boss and I can't wait until January when the first deliveries will come to our storage. As I haven't been there when the autumn/winter 2012 fabric were chosen, everyday I try to get a glimpse of the new fabrics before they are shot for the website and I really need to restrain myself to not buy everything. We will have further meetings with other suppliers and I'm looking forward to see what they offer. So, if you have a certain fabric in mind and can't find it anywhere, just give me a shout and I'll see if one of our suppliers offers it. A certain lady once told me that she would like to purchase some Swiss Dot cotton...Well, we'll offer that next year, unfortunately you were too far ahead of the trend Katarina!
The two looks are by one of my favourite inspiration source J.Crew ( all pictures by style.com)


  1. I'm going to the US tomorrow, so I might stock up on all the fabrics I miss in Germany. Though I promised myself to keep low in that department, so many other pretty things to buy. In case I miss out, I'm going to take a look on your website for sure.

  2. Dein Job hört sich superspannend an! Ich könnte mich bei den ganzen Stoffen nie entscheiden. Falls es etwas gibt, das ich verzweifelt suche, lasse ich es dich wissen :)


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