Fall 2012 or Spring 2013?

Fashion and its fashion cycle is strange. While I'm planning my wardrobe for Fall 2012 the Spring/Summer collections for 2013 are shown in New York, then London, Paris and Milan. I've watched some shows on YouTube and it comforted me about my thoughts about fashion nowadays. I personally believe that the times of the big trends are over. With the rise of all the fashion blogs, online shops and new magazines fashion has become very diverse. Skinny jeans or flares, cropped or maxi, everything is possible nowadays. You can get anything at any time anywhere in the world. In the 2013 shows much of the fall and summer items of 2012 are repeated. You can't reinvent the wheel, can you?
What becomes more apparent now is ones own style and with that I'm in the very lucky position that I can sew. I can make my trousers wide or skinny, just as I like it right now. Well, I'm still trying out different silhouettes and have fun with the items in my closet, but if I should describe my style it would be difficult. One day I want to wear a pretty dress or skirt and oneday I'll just thrown on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and I'm good to go.
The shows are giving me an idea for new stylings though, some color combinations that I haven't thought of before or combinations of textures which are interesting. Thoughts for the use of patterns that I had before are confirmed and I only need to find the matching fabrics.
Here are the looks for Spring/Summer 2013 that I would like to get for the next season:
3.1 Phillip Lim

A leather motorcycle jacket is already on my sewing list for some time, but so far I haven't found the perfect material and the pattern that I once copied out of a Burda is too small now. I also looked if I could find a nice one in a store, but haven't found one so far. I have a cool bottle green leather jacket that I once thrifted, but it is a tad too small as well *sigh*.
The shirt is easy to make and for the pants I could use my PJ pattern.

Charlotte Ronson
Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson has shown some pretty dresses in flowy chiffon fabrics. Blue and oceany greens were well represented and I really like these colours. I had in mind to make a nice turquoise dress with cobalt blue accents, which would fit well into this collection.

Tracy Reese

 Love that colour combination. I have a yellow cardigan and blue blouse, which I could combine with a white jeans. Sometime the shows give a good idea for new combinations and outfits that one would not style otherwise.

The outfit by Rebecca Minkoff on the top of my post is my absolute favorite look. It is so wearable, cute and comfortable. Should be easy to make with a simple button up blouse and a contrasting yoke.

All pictures by style.com

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