Fresh Fall Fabrics

For Fall I try to make garments that coordinate with each other. I already got a mustard cardigan and a blue shirt blouse and I'm going for a late 70's look. Which means wide leg pants, which I will make of the berry coloured corduroy velvet. I'll probably have some leftovers of the fabric, because I orderer 2,5 m so I guess that means I'll make a skirt as well. Then some skinny corduroy pants from the brown corduroy. I already have a similar pair that I got second-hand and where I made the legs skinny, but it is a bit uncomfortable and has no stretch so I will replace that one.
The purple fabric is a knit and will become my trusted drapey cardigan, the striped knit maybe a turtleneck dress and the green fabric with lots of stretch was already turned into a pair of skinny pants. Maybe I'll get a picture of them on the weekend. They attracted some comments by my colleagues, but a random woman in a shop also told me " I just have to say that, your pants are really cool!". That made my day!

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  1. I love your color palette. What pattern do you use for your trusted drapey cardigan, or is it self-drafted? Definitely take photos of your new skinny pants. They sound great.


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