Wind of change

enjoying the sun at the Alster

This year will go into the history of my life as the one with the biggest changes ever. Finishing my studies and getting a job right away and now I'll even move into my own two room flat! I'm so excited, especially for the whole process of converting the rooms into my sanctuary, where I can relax and hang out with friends. Of course I will share my ideas for the rooms as soons as I get to move in, which will be in a couple of weeks. Before that I will enjoy browsing different interior design blogs and discover a whole new world. I already have a colour scheme for the bedroom in mind. Tomorrow I will have a look at the flat. It's currently lived-in by an old lady and I'm excited to see, if I can use any of her furniture. Maybe it just needs a new modern pop of colour and will be good. I'll inform you how it goes.
On the other side I've been making a couple of projects in the last week, but I don't get around to take pictures of them. Maybe on the weekend we'll see. I made a pair of pants, similar to the Colette Clovers but with a Burda pattern in a vivid flower print gabardine and a cardigan with my trusted pattern. Then I made a new Sorbetto with fun bias binding and a stripey t-shirt, which are both pieces that I love.


  1. Congratulations on everything that is happening this exciting year. I'm looking forward to hearing about your flat and seeing your new creations. Best wishes on this new chapter in your life.

  2. wow, exciting times. it's nice to hear that everything is working out that well for you.

  3. It seems you have a really exciting time ahead of you, I hope everything goes well!


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