Wherever I go

This picture was taken in the park of Schloss Rheydt, which I visited with a friend shortly after I FINISHED my studies! Two weeks ago I had the oral examination and then everything was over. I still can't believe that I'm done and don't have to spend my afternoon writing my thesis and read books related to my topic. The result was pretty satisfying and if I would like to continue doing a master study course I would be able to meet the requirements. But so far my path is already preset, because I was offered a job in the company where I did the internship and wrote the thesis. That means I will stay in Hamburg and continue doing what I did the last months. I still have to get used to the nine-to-five rhythm and I'm also on apartment hunt, so please excuse if the blog gets neglected in the next weeks. I have made some things, but my camera is not very co-operative and so it's dreadful taking pictures.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your studies and your new job :)


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