Garden? Check! Huge closet? Check!

On Thursday I went to have a look at the apartment and talk to the previous tenants' son. He was very kind and after come chatting we went on to inspect the furniture. Unfortunalety it was not so much what I liked, but the bedroom included a wardrobe which covered the whole length of the room. Perfect for me and my many clothes. The wardrobe looks new and there are no scratches or anything on the wood, so I will definitely keep that. In the living room I couldn't use anything because the furniture was definitely not my style ( I'm speaking of dark brown wall systems, which are favourited by, well, old ladys). I'll have to invest in a kitchen and get a fridge and freezer and a new stove. Looking forward to going shopping for these items. I'll plan my budget for furniture and everything else in the next weeks. Lots of it will definitely come from friends and family and I'll also look in Stilbruch, which is a second-hand shop that sells furniture and stuff.
Best thing about the apartment? It includes a small garden with a patio, perfect for dinner in the evening, as that is when the sun sets down on that side of the building.
Do you also use Pinterest to collect ideas for interior design? Tell me about it, I need a lot of inspiration now, before I decide on color concept and styling ideas.

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