One Part of my Stash

This is what you get if you work in fabric retail. The plan to keep all my fabrics in a box beneath my bed didn't quite work out. But I just can't resist a good bargain and if I see how quick some fabrics sell out, I need to purchase them before. So, may I present to you the purchases of , in my defense, four months.

From top to bottom:
  • greyish blue twill cotton with some percent of elasthan will become a muslin for a pair of skinny trousers and a skirt
  • snakeskin jersey to make a simple skirt, nothing to difficult
  • red and blue striped jersey, might become a peplum top similar to the one of Zoe
  • white jersey printed with popsicles should become summer jammies consisting of the Colette patterns Sorbetto and the Madeleine bloomers
  • grey and light pink striped jersey should become a v-neck t-shirt
  • dark blue jersey with some woolen content should become a loose sweater
  • mustard yellow jersey, quite thin will become a drapey cardigan
  • white, brown, neon yellow striped jersey will become a t-shirt or top
  • cotton twill with elasthan printed with flowers should become a pair of skinny trousers
  • shiny jersey, the shine comes from a coating with some kind of silver paint, very cool, will become a loose sweater
Some of the fabrics are still on stock, others are sold out. I'll try and update this post with links, but now I have to finish my thesis to be able to print it tomorrow.

Edit: In inserted some links to the fabrics that are still on stock as of today (07-10)

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  1. Oh I know what you mean. I always end up buying extra fabrics that was not originally on my list. I just can't pass up a good sale. That shiny jersey you have up there looks beautiful! Now I think you gave me an idea. Off to the fabric store I go. I have fabric envy...

    Oh and by the way, congratulations on finishing your studies! Woooo Hoooooo!!!


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