Ideas and Inspiration

It's still more than a month until I can get started on renovating my new apartment and get all the furniture, but I think it's important to gather inspiration beforehand and think about what I like and what I dislike. I've already learned that I hate almost all beds and lights. Well, there are some beds I like but they are easily costing several hundreds of Euros and I'm not determined to spend so much. So I guess it will be me sleeping on a mattress until I find the perfect bed in my price range.
I'm really inspired by the, well not so new anymore, Couch magazine, which is a living & fashion magazine from the same publisher like the Schöner Wohnen magazines. I had a period in my teenage years where I was constantly borrowing magazines about decoration and furniture and love the inspiration that these magazines give me. Of course today one can also see so many great things at Pinterest, but I'm also happy to sit back and relax while browsing in a magazine. Couch has many DIY ideas, which I love.
On the sewing front nothing new happened in the last week. I made two bags for work and a couple of tiny pouches which we will use for a tutorial, but no clothing unfortunately. What did you craft this week?

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