Hello sailor!

This weekend Hamburg celebrated the annual Cruise Days. Several cruise ships had come to the harbour and on Saturday evening five of them left the harbour again. The event attracted lots of visitors coming from everywhere.

One couple was waiting three hours on the harbour just to see the AIDA. Because I think that it's important to try out all the touristy attraction to be prepared if visitors come to see me, I met with a friend and we played tourists. I had read something about the event starting at seven in the evening, but it started at nine, so we spend some time at the harbour and took a ferry to the fish market. Not many people had the idea so we could get front row seats and waited there for the ships to come.

The AIDA had to cross the harbour before the official sail and so I could get a good picture of the cruise ship. Later in the evening my camera was not very cooperative and it's bad for pictures in the dark, but I got some shots. With every ship there was a firework and because the harbour was also having the Blue Port days, several building and docks were illuminated with blue light. This created a very special atmosphere.

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