The Two Scarves

As promised yesterday I show you my new tunic today. I made it a while ago with a really simple pattern. If you want to call two square rectangles a pattern. Yes, I know even Burda provides a PATTERN for squares, but I won't comment on the state of the magazine now. That should be another post on its own!
So, here is how I proceeded:
- Put the scarves left side to left side, sew up two side seams
- Turn the whole thing and sew on the same sides again , now you have two beautiful French seam side seams ( I had silk scarves and to prevent them from fraying it is necessary to make these seams)
- Left on left again, fold in half to set the neck opening, cut out the opening
- Left on left, sew the shoulder seams
- Turn and sew again on the shoulder seams

All the edges were then covered with a small zig zag stitch to prevent them from fraying and voilá finished is the simple tunic! You can either wear it with bare legs on the beach or with skinny jeans, belted in the waist or left loose. Now, I will show you how it looks.

 You can wear the tunic with either side as the front or back. Cinched in the waist it has a bit more structure, but I actually prefer the loose tent-like way of wearing it. Especially on hot and humid days it is an effortless way to look good on the beach, without getting a sunburn.
I will definitely look out for new silk scarves on my next flea market or thrift store adventure and plan on making a simple kimono style jacket to wear with jeans and a t-shirt with a Coachella vibe. I've seen it on Dylana of Color me Nana and love the effortless style.

On another note: I'm browsing through the Resort 2013 collections and have so many ideas coming to my mind. It seems that the one-print-top-and-bottom trend will be strong in the next season as well. What do you think of that? Would you wear print on print?


  1. it's the same print in two different color schemes, right? I especially like the muted blues of the one in the back. Nice job! I think I'll make such tunic soon, too.

  2. I really like the top - the simplicity works well to show off the print. But yes, kind of cheeky for Burda to call that a pattern!


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