Girl in Black and White

Today I took the afternoon of from writing my thesis, which is finished by 99 % now. I'll only do minor tweaks here and there in the next week and then I'm going to get it printed and bound as a book before I travel to Mönchengladbach to hand it in. The company is already working with my results and that is very satisfying for me. Now it only needs to get approved by my professors and after the oral presentation I'll be able to call myself "Bachelor of Science in Textile- and Clothing Management". The title is maybe a bit too long for businees cards, but a nice B.Sc. will be as nice.

So, today I made a skirt. Originally I planned to use a different fabric, but when I looked in my stash I found the leftover from my simple black skirt and a leftover of my dotted pyjama pants ( I think I haven't blogged that one yet...) and decided to combine them. The fabric was just enough for this skirt!

For the pattern I used my ususal pattern with two darts on front and back.Originally it fitted me as a woven skirt but today I can only make it from knit fabric. But that one fits perfectly! The black fabric is this one and the dotted is this (unfortunately only on stock in blue and white at the moment).

The construction is very easy as you only have to close the 4 darts, sew up the sideseams, attach the waistband and the ruffle. I did not only use up fabrics of my stash, I also used up almost all of black thread. See how much is left on the picture on the right, and how far I still had to sew on the left.

Luckily it was just enough! Well, I should probably go and get myself new thread tomorrow, otherwise I won't be able to sew the projects that are on my mind.
Without further ado, here is the finished skirt.
I can either wear it like this on the hips, or pull it up to my natural waist to make it look different. The ruffle part is made by little pleats. Somehow a 1.50 m wide fabric is perfect to pleat it in distances which are the length of my thumb...Must be something like the Golden Ratio or such ;-)
With longer tops the black part is covered and it gives a new silhouette, as you can see on the next picture.
For the waistband I simply too a rectangle and guessed the dimensions. It was then attached to the upper part of the skirt patterns folded over twice and then sewed up with a slipstitch, which gives a really nice finish.

I used pink thread, just because I can ! I will remember to use slipstitch more often, because when you topstitch the waistband it usually isn't perfect from either the in- or outside. We'll see how the weather is going to be tomorrow, maybe I'm going to wear the skirt for work.
I also had some items on my mending pile and finally finished the armholes on a project that I made a few weeks ago. I'll post about it tomorrow. Here is a preview!

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