The Summer Sewing Swap with Inge

Some weeks ago Kestrel announced the Summer Sewing Swap and curiously I decided to take part in this fun event. I was partnered with Inge from Ingemaakt and after browsing her blog ( and translating bits and pieces with my favourite Mozilla tool - the translator function) I got an idea what she liked and gathered some ideas. Last week I shipped the parcel and she already told me that she liked what she got. Naturally I was curious what she would send me and today I had her parcel in the post.
Let's have a look, shall we?
This is the parcel which came from the Netherlands to Germany. Probably not the longest way from all the parcels from the swap I suppose?
The content was in this cute plastic bag. Lovely!
Everything was wrapped once again in wrapping paper and made me even more curious. Now, you probably can't wait any longer. Let's see what's inside the paper!
The parcel contained 1,5 m cotton lawn, a crocheted flower, lovely ribbon in dutch colours with little hearts, which looks very nautical to me and which I want to use for decoration of a shorts or skirt. Furthermore some small green buttons and medium-sized buttons in white and turquoise, which fit to the cotton fabric. And, as if Inge had known me forever, she sent me a sewing magazine! I love sewing magazines, this one is even in four languages, so I can understand the explanations. What a well thought of parcel! Thanks a lot Inge! The patterns of the magazine are really cool and I already picked a couple of things, which I want to make.

2 Kommentare:

  1. I'm glad you like it :) it was fun swapping with you. The ribbon is the Frisian flag, from the region I live in. I thought it was fun to incorporate a little regional item, but I didn't want to make it too Dutch, you know, with the soccer game ;)

  2. What a lovely package! Glad you enjoyed the swap - you two were quick off the mark! The cotton fabric looks really pretty - will look out to see what you make from it

    K x


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