You look like a gypsy

Blouse: me-made (Burda 1/2008 mod. 122)
Vest: thrifted
Trousers: me-altered ( from straight to skinny)
Boots: Deichmann

I just had to wear a sparkly vest for two days in a row, I just felt great in the one yesterday and couldn't resist in getting this one out today. The blouse is the first version of the oh so popular pattern which I made about 5 times already. I also like to call it my Rodger Hodgson blouse because it's similar to what he wears on stage. Btw I love the music of the 70s especially groups like Supetramp, check out this . I was fortunate enough to see him live some years ago and since then I'm a big fan.
Coming back to the blouse... This one was cut without any alterations and I think that it's a bit short on me so for some of the other versions I added about 10 cm to the length. I also add about 10cm to Burda pants, since they are made for 168 cm body height and I'm a little taller.
I haven't shown you my newest fabric acquisitions yet. These are the fabrics I got at Oxfam.

They are both cotton, the red one is just 40 cm so I'll only be able to make a tote and for the african print I imagine a skirt but haven't decided on the pattern yet.
Do you knit as well ? My progress on the cardigan which  I started about a year ago is still slow but I might finish it this year and wear it on New Years Eve. Brigitte has a contest going on where you can win several packages of wool. You can find the contest here.

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