My idea of a perfectly fitting pair of trousers

It is hard to find a good fitting pair of trousers in the store. Luckily I found a pattern from Burda that has a perfect fit on me. I already made it in my "skinny years" and it fit well. Now with a little bit more of all year holiday pounds I made a new version of the trousers and am quite pleased that the fit is good as well. So it is true that Burda makes a good fitting pair, it is just hard to find a modern pattern in size 46. Most of the trendy garments only go up to size 44 and I'm not sure if the fit will be good as well when I grade it myself.
Anyway, here are the trousers on the model. The pattern can be found in Burda 12/2006 pattern 121.

I really like the 70s feeling that the styling with the hat and the pussy bow blouse. In the magazine it also features flaps on the pockets but I omitted them in my pair because that would put to much attention to my hips and I don't want that.
The construction goes fairly well, I only read through the construction details breifly and than try to remember how I did the steps on the last pair of trousers.
I added 10 cm in the length because I wanted to be able to wear the garment with heels. Since the inside looks decent as well, I can wear it also with normal shoes and then just turn up the hem.

Here you can find an interesting article on burdastyle.com about wide leg trousers and how to style them.
Since my pair is made from a checked fabric I don't have that many possibilities to style it without looking strange.

Therefore I already have plans to make another one, possibly out of corduroy or jeans.
 The fabric that I used is a wool that I got at the outlet of Stoffe Zanders in Mönchengladbach. In the front I managed to adjust the checks but I didn't have enough fabric to match them in the back as well.
You can see that the stripes are slightly different in the back. But I'm fine with that since I believe that 90 % of the people on the street don't stare at your butt and realise this.

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