Black on black

Blouse: thrifted (Esprit)
Vest: thifted
Skirt: me-made
Scarf: Marshalls (Boston)
Boots: Deichmann

This week I wore every day a me-made garment but I didn't get to take pictures. Maybe I'll repeat what I wore next week and show it to you. Here I wear one of the garments from my Fall Wishlist, the black maxi skirt. I made it without a pattern it is just a simple trapezium and two rectangles that I gathered and sewed on the hem of the trapezium. Anyone can make this skirt it's so simple. I even sewed it with my normal machine because the knife of the serger didn't work.
So far I haven't made much of my wish list and I think I need to continue it as a winter wish list. My rule of not buying any new fabric was broken some days ago when I got some jersey a Karstadt and then we were selling pieces at Oxfam too and of course I had to get some as well. Now I'm looking forward to December when I'll be at my studio again. Until then I have to make do with the things I made so far.
Today is Wednesday which means Me-made-Mittwoch is on. Find the other girls here and the blog of Catherine who keeps everything together here.

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  1. That vest is sick. I'd love to find something similar. A girl can wish...


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