Spring 2012, I want to have it all

Slowly I'm making my way through the shows for Spring 2012 and I think I already found my favourite. Everything about the new Burberry Collections screams to me " Make me !". I love the combination of bold patterns and the colours, oh the colours. Though I would see them more for a Fall collection than for Spring and am inspired to make something like that right now for this season, I love the whole collection. I haven't made a coat yet, but there are some patterns that I'd like to try. A classic trench is really missing in my wardrobe and as soon as I allow myself to buy fabric again, I'll splurge on some fabric to make a coat muslin. Here are some of my favourite looks from Burberry .
 The Resort 2012 collection was equally stunning and features some of my favorite trends like flared trousers and the colour yellow.
What I really like abour Burberry is that they make wearable pieces which transform easily from season to season. I can imagine that with some african print cotton you can easily recreate some of the garments. I like what style.com says in its comment to the collection
A military wife, whose husband is stationed in the Far East, say, fills her idle hours by watching and learning from local artisans. Then she applies her new knowledge to decorating her own clothes, maybe with the beading that ran down the placket of a trench or lined its collar, or the bigger geometric wooden beads that formed patterns around necklines, or the raffia trim on a parka hood. And maybe she'd replace the buttons on her cardigan with pretty stones she found on the beach
 Doesn't that sound like, well, us ? All the ladys who sew and make their own garments out there ?

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