Fall Palette 2011

I decided to start sewing with a plan. I also decided to use up my stash and not buy any new fabrics for the next months. So it will be a bit difficult to stick to the Fall Palette but I tried to choose colours which are already in my stash or colours that I already made garments in.
As you can see I still have to learn how to use my image editor. I downloaded Gimp just a couple of days before and need to get used to the functions.

Since lectures started again and on weekends I work at Oxfam there is not much time left for sewing. We'll see how long I need to resize my stash. Next year I can then start to build it up again. This year I made the pledge to  not buy any new garments and I kept the pledge. I'm already thinking about what to take as next years pledge. For a while I though about " No plastic allowed" but that would be very hard, nearly impossible. Any ideas on next years motto ?

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