On blogs and how they changed my internet habits

Some days ago I started to think about what I did on the internet before the blogs evolved. And honestly I can't really remember anymore. Nowadays 90 % of my online time is spend on blogs, reading them and now even writing one myself. Sewing blogs I read since about two years. What made me start reading blogs ? Another thing I can't really say anymore, I only know that one of my first bookmarks was the blog of Susanna Lau aka Style Bubble. Initially I was not so sure what to think of her style but grow into loving her combinations of different textures, materials, shapes, colours and prints. I can't imagine wearing many of the things myself and I think in Germany you would really get weird comments, but in London anything is possible. Thats why I would love to work in London someday in the future, but more on that maybe later.
From the first blog-reading then, I started to search for more blogs by checking out the links of the blogs I knew and comments by readers that then lead to new adresses and so on. One day I stumbled upon Sewbedo and that's when I started reading sewing blogs. Now my bloglist for sewing alone contains more than 100 blogs that I try to read every now and then. It is amazing how much inspiration you get by things that are people made for themselves. And the items are really wearable, not too over the top fashionable-wear-it-once-and-don't-repeat-a-single-outfit.

My favourite bloggers right now

Katharina from She sells sea shells

Melissa from Fehr Trade
Sinje from Hausmaus

And then some of my favourite fashion bloggers

Jessica of WhatIwore
Beth of bjonesstyle
Katy at Kansas Couture

Of course there are many more that I read but these I check out mostly for inspiration. Let me know who your favourite bloggers are, maybe I don't know them yet.


  1. Thanks a lot. Oddly the first blog I read on a regular basis was style bubble as well. Though she posts about DIYs very rarely, she got me started on the whole topic.

  2. Awww that's really nice of you! I'm so glad you enjoy my blatherings. :)


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