Award season...

Well it's not really award season but I just got my very first blog award by my lovely blogger-friend Katharina from She sells seas shells. I'm very honoured and proud that she thought of me when choosing new recipients.
The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1 Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post
2 Share 7 things about yourself
3 Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs

Alright so here are 7 things about myself

1. I'm a very good navigator, even when I'm in a city that I haven't been to before I manage to get to the places that I want to visit without looking at a map, just by deciding "Here I go left and then the next right " and so on.
2. When I was a teenager I used to be really thin, like I could eat whatever I wanted and would always be the same size for years. But when I got into my early 20s it changed and I had to get rid of all my pretty sewn dresses from those years and start an all new collection.
3. I love to speak English and that's why I also started to blog in this language. I like other languages as well and have so far learned bits of French, Spanish and Russian as well but since I don't train these languages so often, I tend to loose everything after the language course. Maybe anyone knows some good blogs in these languages ? I guess there is a big Russian sewing community online as well but so far I haven't found it yet.
4. Right now I have a thing for arugula with a rapsberry-vinegar dressing. So good, I could eat that every day.
5. Though I am a girl, I never really got into jewellery. My mother doesn't wear any and so I also grew up without being gifted pieces now and then. Every time I try to get into jewellery I buy something, wear it once or twice and then forget to put it on. I only wear a watch and that's it.
6. I love calculating, I really like to calculate something and get a result that's right. Honestly just give me some equations and I'll happily use the p-q-formula or something alike to get a result and be happy about it.
7. My nails grow faster when I'm on holiday in another country. Sounds crazy, but it's a phenomenon I have observed in the past years. I don't like my nails,because I tend to bite them when I'm nervous but on holiday I'm so relaxed that they grow faster and I don't bite them. Therefore I'm lokking forwrad to my Barcelona trip in the end of September to get pretty nails again.

So, this is all about me. Let's check out my newest inspirations.
Tilly and the Buttons
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