Flowers and Jeans make a pretty pairing

Jeansjacket: H&M
Dress: me-made ( Burda magazine 07/2000)
Scarf: thrifted (Oxfam)
Shoes: thrifted ( fleamarket)

Just an easy outfit for an exam. It wasn't so warm but I had to wear a skirt to hide my examination preparation. Let's just say it was totally useless, because that topic didn't appear in the exam, but it was nice to know that I was "prepared". After the exam I went to have breakfast with some friends and then I treated myself to some thrifting. Here is what I got.
 Another nice summer skirt with butterflys printed on it. It reminds me of something Matthew Williamson could design. It has the trendy midi length and looks well either worn on the waist or a little bit longer on the hips.
A simple black blazer was missing in my collection and since I'll soon start apllying for internships or jobs I thought it was necessary to get one. They had the same blazer with flap pockets but I think this is more flattering.

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