Trip along the coast

Hi guys,
sorry for the long absence but I took a little break from studying and escaped to the wonderful country called the USA. My brother and me took a roadtrip from San Francisco to Los Angeles and back. All in 2 and a half weeks. We had an amazing time and now that I'm back in Germany I'll try to post every now and then again.
The trip inspired me so much that I have a million ideas on what to sew and make. Soon I'll return to my sewing workshop again and of course I'll present you my new garments. Now I have a lot of blog reading to catch up with. For a start I'll present you one of the dresses that I made prior to our departure. I drafted the pattern by myself by converting a simple top into a dress. Hope you like.

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  1. I'm curious to hear your thoughts about those cities. While I loved SF, I kind of ...mmh, not hated, but really disliked LA. Thought it was the ugliest city I've ever been to. But while being on holiday this year I actually visited a city I felt even more uncomfortable in; Liège. In comparisson, LA doesn't look that bad anymore...


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