Oxfam finds of the week

Today I worked at Oxfam again and as ever I couldn't leave without buying some things myself. This is what I got.
 The blouse is from Heine. Just yesterday I stumbled on their website and found some nice things, which I didn't expect from heine since in my mind it was a mail-order shop for elderly ladies. But it seems to be much more on-trend than I thought. The blouse was 3 €.
 What a fun piece this is, sort of a wrap dress /bathrobe/ dressing gown. It was a steal for 4.50€.
Then I got this striped shirt. It is from the big sizes section and is really roomy which I think is a plus in summer. It was 4.50€ as well. The shorts I'm wearing in the pictures are from New Yorker in Copenhagen.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Das Outfit gefällt mir richtig gut! Hat so eine fast pariserische Lässigkeit. Herzlich, Petra


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