Me-made Mittwoch

Day 29:
Shirt: Oxfam
Skirt: me-made ( old Burda)
Sandals: Deichmann
Bag: Forever 18
Wow, soon Me-Made March is over. I'm still undecided about my outfit for tomorrow. It should be either something of my me-made things that is very well made or that I wear quite often. We'll see what the morning brings tomorrow.
The skirt I'm wearing today is something I made years ago, but somehow it still fits even though I gained some sizes in trousers. Maybe it's like the pants of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and fits every girl. Btw a really good book series that I like a lot. The film was okay, but the books are much better and made me cry some times.
Today is also wednesday which means Me-Made-Mittwoch is on. Here you find the other lovely girls and their creations. And of course I want to thank Catherine for putting up this Blenza-Link-share-thingy.

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  1. Schickes Röckchen, so ungewöhnlich. So außergewöhnlich!


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