Moda Moldes May 2011

 Today I want to present to you the other brasilian sewing magazine my friend sent me. It's called Moda Moldes with means something like "Fashion Sewing Patterns" and it is the May 2011 issue. The magazine appears monthly and you can get a subscription here. The cover show Dira Paes, a brasilian actress, and features on of the pretty dresses from the formalwear section of the magazine.

 This is the section with the evening dresses, mostly short cocktail attire. One shoulder dresses seem to be THE trend in Brasil right now.
 Another dress which has an intersting detail in the back which you unfortunalety can't see on the picture. It's a bit corset like with ties.

 Glittery pants without a pattern but you can easily take any pants pattern and use sequinned fabric and imitate these pants. I saw recently on Sewcial that she made sequin pants as well and saved that in my inspiration folder.
 This coat is just adorable. The collar, the slight a-line, the pockets, the belt everything is so cute and screams to be made.
 As in Manequim here they also present outfits for different body types.I like the black dress on the right.
Ethereal that is what comes to my mind when I see this pretty dress. I already had an idea for a dress like this in my mind as well and now I don't have to make a pattern myself I only have to grade this one.


  1. oh those blue and purple dresses are gorgeous!! I've got the April issue so we get to show off different patterns!

  2. Nachdem ich von Burda in letzter Zeit soooo gelangweilt bin, ist es unglaublich erfrischend, diese Schnittmuster zu sehen. Ich mag, dass die Schnitte eine größere Herausforderung zu sein scheinen, bei B ist irgendwie das meiste sehr basic. Die Kleider sehen toll aus, aber die Ausgaben mit der Abendmode sind mir eh immer am liebsten. Da fehlt dann nur die Gelegenheit.


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