I have a family friend in Brazil and when I recently saw on Melissas blog that there was a brasilian sewing magazine called "Manequim" I asked her to get that for me and kindly she did she sent me not only the May 2011 issue of Manequim but also another mag called Moda Moldes which I will post about later. Manequim is a monthly magazine and I would describe it as a mixture between Instyle and Burdastyle. The patterns a really on trend and the layout is done as in a regular fashion magazine. Sizes are of course different to German sizing and come close to the sizing of Patrones. I haven't sewn anything from the magazine yet as I have so many other plans to sew right now, but there are a couple of items I would really like to put my hands on.

 This dress looks gorgeous. Of course the fabric suits very well and is a significant style element but the details of the sleeves and the gathered skirt part would lokk brilliant in a plain colour as well. And it is my size, so no grading needed.

 Maybe I'm a little late to the whole ruched sleeve trend, but this is a great versatile basic piece.
 Oh, the red dress. This is so cute with its pleated detail in the hip area. And the neckline is really flattering as well. I would like to make this in white or black to have a really simple yet stunning evening dress.

Love the A-line of this skirt so Seventies glamour. Could imagine this in a jeans fabric.
This section is inspired by Isabel Marant. Love the styling and simple but somehow special cut of the red shirt.

These pages remind me of the usual fashion magazines. Only that in this magazine all the pieces with the "Molde" star sign can be made by you at home. And here they suggest different pieces for different body shapes which is a great idea as well.

 This is the only problem I have with Manequim. It includes only two sheets with the patterns and on the first view it seems to be really difficult to trace. Anyone has experiences with tracing ? Suggestions on how to handle it ?

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  1. Ooh I wonder if my friend brought me back the same issue of Moda Moldes that you have... I'll try to scan mine for next week!

    As for tracing Manequim, I've found it's helpful to locate the piece number along the edge, then follow it up to the piece itself. Then I look at the shape of that piece in the magazine, and, with my finger, trace around the piece on the sheet before I then go in and trace it properly with my serrated tracing wheel. Some people like to use a highlighter marker, but I'm too precious about my magazines to defile them!


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