Me-made Mittwoch

Dress: me-made ( Burda mod. 104 unfortunalety I don't remeber the issue anymore)
Sandals: Reno
So this is my first me-made Mittwoch outfit. Here you can see what the other participants have worn on wednesday. It was a  nice summer day so I wore out my pretty summer dress that I made of a vintage polyester fabric that I got in the HepShop. The shoes have a wedge heel but I bought them before they were in fashion again I think they have to be from 2009 or so.
Wednesday is also the day when I work at an Oxfam-Shop and you can't leave an Oxfam-Shop without buying at least one piece. So I got a small bag for my camera, a neon yellow skinny belt, some striped leggings and a simple white t-shirt with a v-neck. I thought about buying a shirt printed with zebras as well, but then restricted myself because I have so many shirts already.
The quality of my pictures is really poor and I apologize for that. I need to get a new camera as this one is already 5 years old and I'm missing the original charger and the battery only lasts one or at its best two hours. Maybe you have some ideas for me which camera to get ? When it comes to electronics I'm very badly informed and I appreciate any help.

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