Tine Travels: Meet The Blogger Amsterdam 2015

Wow, this weekend has been amazing! I had the chance to visit the Meet the Blogger event that is held in Amsterdam and network with new and old to me bloggers from Germany, the Netherlands and different parts of the world.
The event took place in Hotel Casa 400, which was closeby to Amstel metrostation, so very convenient to get to from my accomodation.

On Saturday I liked the keynote of Emma and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess especially and also had my fangirl moment, when Emma and I had a quick conversation about surfing, when she saw the scrapbooking page I made during the "Crafting with the Messy Box" workshop. So sweet!

But also the other sessions about SEO and the keynote by Yvestown were very interesting and inspiring. It's amazing to see so many , mostly female, bloggers all sharing their ideas and experiences so openly. Many of the sessions were about how to make your blog more successfull, monetize it and work with brands. For me that's not inetersting as I also blog for work and want to keep my income coming from that work.

When I first started the blog I still had the idea about turning it into a professional one day, but now that I found the perfect job, where I basically do what I love (writing, styling, sewing, networking) I don't need to think about what to do with this blog to grow it. Maybe I'll think about the topic differently in a few years, when I want to work more independetly but at this stage of my life I'm happy and that counts, right?

So, after an interesting keynote by the Urban Jungle Bloggers on Sunday and a presentation on how to make viral content, receiving the not one, not two but three goodiebags, I went into town, browsed through some shops, had a nice take-away hot-dog kebab mix in the Red Light District and went back to my accomodation to get some sleep.

Today I set up my workplace in a café next to Waterlooplein and just caught up on e-mails and read some articles. Then it was already time to catch the flight to Hamburg.
I will definitely go back to Amsterdam for a proper weekend trip sometime, as I just loved the vibe of the city. And I suppose there is even more to explore, than what I've seen.

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