Tine Makes: Thermos Jug For Work

I know, I know, I called this blog Sew on Trend and that's what you expect from the content, but lately I've had some ideas for simple DIYs and thought, why not share them too?

Ihaven't been sewing much in the past weeks. Partly because I was on holiday and partly because the weeks before the holiday were quite stressfull and I didn't have a single weekend where I was just chilling at home. But life is slowing down a little right now and so I've been having more time to devote to sewing and crafting. I also need to get started on some christmas presents soon. My dad got a voucher for handmade socks last year and I want to gift him these this year. I only need to get started. I think that's the worst part of knitting, the first two rows, from then on it flows much better.

Anyway, I try to drink more at work and already got a better routine by preparing some infused lemon water each morning and having a jug of it on my holiday. Now that it slowly gets colder, I wanted to have a pretty thermos jug for my tea. My mum had this white thermos jug in her cabinets that she didn't need, so I snatched that and immediately had this idea for a DIY.
So, here is a short introduction in how I did the DIY project.
I love the fruit and flamingo trend that's been going on in the DIY scene this year and so I wanted to stick some stickers on the jug with these motifs. There are a couple of Etsy sellers, that have these motifs, but somehow I din't want to order a 1 € article from the other side of the world. So I remembered that you can order stickers at Rossmann (a German drugstore chain). They come in defined sizes, but you can cut them easily. So I found some motifs that I liked and got them printed.
Total cost: 4 €
Then I cut the motifs with a little bit of a white border. I didn't use all of the stickers, as I had ordered too many watermelons.

I simply peeled of the paper from the stickers and positioned them on the jug, where I wanted to have them. I made a border of ananas and flamingos on the bottom annd them some watermelons in a unregular pattern.

The finished jug is so cute! It will be a great view on my desk at work and will hopefully motivate me to keep on drinking more water or tea during the day.

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  1. Was für eine geniale Idee, die Fotosticker zum Bestellen von Aufklebern zu benutzen!


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