Tine Travels: Sardinia 2015

Once I year I go on holiday for two weeks, usually in September but due to some work circumstances I had to book my holiday for the time of end of August till beginning of September this year. This year I wanted to try something new and see a part of Europe I haven't considered going to before.

Due to the recommendation of a colleague and a quick Google picture research, I decided that going on a sailing trip around the Northeast coast of Sardinia would be a perfect mix of a relaxing holiday, as well as getting to know different areas of the island and specially the beautiful area of La Maddalena in the Northeast.

That was my dream.

The reality turned out to be a little different.

Yes, I've been on a boat. No, I didn't sail - when you deduct the half hour that the skipper raised the sails. No, I didn't see the beautiful Maddalena archipel. Yes, I travelled and relaxed so much, that I didn't even know which date it was. No, I didn't swim in a different bay each day. Yes, I got to know interesting personalities.

This holiday was not a all, what I expected, but it was okay-ish. In the next days I will try to share more about the holiday, if you like.

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