Tines Sews: Me Made May Day 1 to 10

Originally I planned to keep you updated on my Me-made May every five days, but then as always, life happenend and I didn't get around to gather my thoughts and write this post, but anyway, here they are the first ten outfits of Me-made May 2015.

Day 1:
The first of May is a bank holiday in Germany, so I stayed in all day, did some housework and just relaxed. I wore a comfortable outfit of a jersey skirt, which doesn't get much wear usually and a raglansleeve shirt made of a lovely jersey with a bit of a woolen content. The outfit was simple but great for the day's activities.

Day 2:
On Saturday I wore an outfit that I'm always drawn to, jeans and a T-Shirt. This T-Shirt doesn't get much wear, because if I wore it as it is, it would be a very mini dress and to wear it as a T-Shirt I have to pull it up a little and it tends to form a not very flattering tummy. But otherwise I really like the print and maybe I'm just gonna shorten it. But then, it could be actually nice to wear it to the beach with the mini length, so maybe I'll take it to my next holiday and then see, how much wear it gets.

Day 3:
Also an outfit I like to wear, a nice shirt or blouse and one of my mini skirts. I got this woven fabric in two colourways and combined it in this top. Unfortunately it forms a bit of a weird crease in the bust area, so I'm not sure, if I'll keep it. Might be able to be fixed, so I might try that. Otherwise it's a nice blouse.

Day 4:
I don't know, if this a tunic or a dress. The fabric is a lovely eyelet, but it's to see through to wear it without a top or slipdress underneath. And the length is weird again, I don't know why I always do the same mistake again. Because it wasn't warm enough to wear it without tights I wore some olive leggings and moccassin booties.

Day 5:
This is the pair of pants I made for the Fashion Week in Berlin last year. I haven't worn them much, but they are actually quite cool and fit well. On Day 5 of Me-made May 2015 I wore them with a grey tee and in the morning with a grey cardigan. The tee was made by me as well.

Day 6:
Even though everyone assumes I did, I didn't make this skirt but bought it in a thrift shop in Berlin, when they had a super sale. I made the Sorbetto top in a lovely silk. This should definitely get more wear! To get a little bit of an edge in the outfit I paired it with my new slip-ons, that I got at a flea market for 3 €.

Day 7:

On Thursday I decided to wear a sweater again that I upcycled last year. It took a while until I found this grey sweater, but when I got it, it had a small hole in the front. I wanted to cover it with fabric circle anyway, so it was a perfect match. I cut out some small circle of old fabric swatches and then sewed them on to the sweater using a zig-zag stitch. Et voilá, a new and very unique sweater was born! The skirt I'm wearing is my proven pattern again and is made of blue denim.

Day 8:
For the last day of the week at work I wore the blouse I made for Fashion Week last year and paired it with my new olive skinny jeans, that I bought on a trip to Oslo/Norway. I also wore a hairband inspired by Tilly and the Buttons idea.

Day 9 and 10:
As I travelled to my Mum's place for Mothers Day I wore the same outfit on Saturday and Sunday. I always travel with light luggage, so I didn't take much other options. Wearing the same olive jeans again and a shirt with blue and red stripes.

These were my first ten days of Me-made May 2015. How did yours go?

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