Tine Sews: Three Times T-Shirts

Somentimes I spend a whole afternoon by myself, only accompanied by loud music and the occasional snack, in front of my sewing machine. I love these sewing sessions and it's a good way for me to rewind and relax after a week of working.
This weekend was the first one that I could really just do what I wanted to do and because I had this fabric lying around for quite some time already, I finally made the 2 metres I had into three t-shirts.
I assembled them in factory style, meaning I cut all the pieces first, then did all the serger seams and then hemmed them with a twin needle, which made for very efficient use of sewing time.
The first shirt is this army green/ khaki T-Shirt with gathered or ruched sleeves, which I've already made a couple of times. I love that the detail of the sleeves gives the whole shirt a unique look and sets it apart from the regular T-Shirt. Also, I kind of love raglan sleeves, so that's a good thing about the shirt as well.
For a simple look I combine the T-Shirt with my black skinny jeans and some moccassin boots. The gathering from the sleeves continues along the neckband, which wasn't intended, but looks fine anyway.
I used black serger thread and for the twin needle hem a navy and a black thread, because I didn't have a matching colour by hand.
Sway back can be easily identified.
The second T-Shirt I made is the same pattern only with long sleeves. I like to wear this on colder evenings, it's a nice layering piece.
 Gathers are nearly distributed evenly.
The fabric is a viscose jersey, so I need to be careful, what I'm wearing underneath, so that not every lump and bump is visible.
The third T-Shirt was intended to be a crop top, but then I didn't like the look anymore and added a strip to the hem. I think this shirt needs to be washed a couple of times until it fits right.
It's still a simple yet modern look and will be great for different outfits.
This bag was made a couple of weeks ago after finding it in a fabric shop nearby. The pattern repeat had exactly the right size to make a nice tote bag.

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