Tine Sews: Inspired By Elsie Larson

Oh my god, I didn't realise how pale my legs are looking. It's really about time for spring to really start and get them some sun! Anyway, on the weekend, when I was in my sewing rush, I also made this simple, but really fun dress. It's basically just a Scout Tee that is longer and slightly flared, to give it a little bit swing.

I feel very much like Elsie Larson in that dress and so I named it my Elsie dress. I love the creativity of the creative brain behind A Beautiful Mess and can't live without a quick glimpse on the website once a day. I'm finding something new each time and love to get inspired on the blog and their Pinterest!
First I had a dress that was slightly longer than knee length and it looked really frumpy, so I cut off a strip before hemming. I might have chopped off a little bit too much of the length, but it's okay. For work I'd wear it with tights in the next weeks and in summer, I guess I'll just wear biker shorts beneath, especially if I bike to work.
The fabric was a remnant, which I got in Berlin last summer at one of the Karstadt stores. It's a lovely rayon and I really like the fun print, which looks like it's brushed on. I got 1.6 m and have a little leftover, that I might use for the sleeves or other parts of a shirt.
The boots I'm wearing are my favourite pink Bon Prix booties. I like them very much and can wear them with nearly anything, so fun!
I did a high-low-hem. Luckily, because otherwise the dress would definitely be too short to be appropriate for work. But I can get away with wearing this length for work, as it's pretty casual in our office. If you see one of my colleagues in a shirt, you know, that there is a very special guest in the house. Otherwise it's very jeans and t-shirt casual styled.
This is how I'd wear the dress in summer out and about. Just adding a denim vest, which I once got at my favourite thrift shop in Schenefeld and a fringed bag, which I got in a thrift shop in Istanbul last year.

PS: The "Diplom" which you can see on my little sidetable is the diploma of my grand father from when he passed the verification for being a tailor in 1957. My dad found it, when they cleaned up the house after the death of my grand mother and finally it has found a place in my home. I love being able to sort of use the inherited sewing genes and follow my passion now.

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  1. Such a fun dress and I love the outfit you made with the denim vest and the bag!


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