Tine Thinks: About Wardrobe Planning (Or Not)

The first month of the year 2015 is over and in the beginning I wrote about my plans to edit down my wardrobe and find a way of making things, but being thoughtful about what I want to make. Then I attended the sewing weekend and made a pink metallic trenchcoat. Consider this a staple! 
It might be not your typical staple, that you reach to over and over again, but I've worn this thing quite a lot already. It might be more of a statement coat than a coat you wear with everything, but anytime I wear this trench, I think of the sewing weekend and the many women who helped me make it and the compliments I got about it.
If you want to have a better look at the coat, that I'm still due to take detail pictures of, check it out on "my" work blog.

Anyway, how did the editing of my wardrobe work out? I have to confess, I didn't start yet. It's the same with my resolution for 2015 to go swimming twice a month. So far I've been zero times.
BUT I'm very proud of myself, because I did edit my fabric stash. It was really interesting to find some fabrics, that I didn't even know I once aquired them. Oups..

And I started with a project that has been on my mind for quite a while - a grey wool coat. It's already cut and I only need to get some interfusing and hopefully be able to assemble it on the weekend. It shouldn't be too complicated to fit, as it's a boxy shape with raglan sleeves.
The pattern is a mix of two patterns from a twelve year old Burda. I just found that there is someone in my area who sells old Burda issues from the 90s and I'm contemplating about checking them out. What do you think?

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