Tine Thinks: About 2014

Originally I planned to take pictures of my favourite makes from 2014 today. But then I started the preparations for a sewing weekend in January, was inspired to cut some more patterns and then, when I was ready, I realised that it was dark outside and I missed the Golden Hour.

So, I don't have a picture for you today, but instead a little review on the year 2014. It's been a busy year and the first year, that I worked full-time without a long illness, which was very nice and I hope that 2015 will be the same. Fingers crossed!

What happened in 2014? Here is my personal review of the year.

One of my favourite makes from 2014 - the biker jacket

I had an awesome weekend in Bielefeld, where the first AnNäherung event took place. It was basically a weekend in the youth hostel in Bielefeld. I arrived on Friday evening, met the other participants and then we chatted, sewed, ate and sewed some more until early Sunday afternoon. I managed to finish a biker jacket, which became a staple in my wardrobe soon. Not only did I sew the jacket, but I also met bloggers from all over Germany and it was such a pleasure to spend one weekend doing what I love. I'm already looking forward to a weekend in January 2015, when the event is going to take place again. Can't wait!

February passed by without any major events. I just worked, had some relaxing weekends, but nothing too busy. I also lost a little bit my sewing mojo, which often happens, when I finished a big project. I sewed for work though and produced a new sewing tutorial.

In the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

March could also be called travel month. After visiting a concert by my favourite artist Frank Turner, I travelled to Berlin, spent a night at a friends place and then took an early flight to Istanbul. I spent some days in Istanbul then travelled to Ankara, where I met an old aquaintance from my Croatia-Italy trip in 2013. After a short stopover in Eskisehir, I moved on to Bursa and then back to Istanbul. From there it was back to Berlin, where I stayed with another family friend and then I was back in Hamburg. One weekend later, I was in Cologne for a crafts fair that I visited for work.

Perfect display of sewing machines at a German electronics shop

After spending so much time outside of Hamburg in March, I was happy in April to just spend the weekends at home and do some sewing. But wait, I also spent a weekend in Berlin, where I visited the Maybachufer Markt and met two German sewing bloggers by chance. The weekend was perfect weather and it was beautiful in Berlin.

Source: Kitty Wong
Wow, I'm just realising by now, how much travelling I did in 2014! In May I flew to London for a weekend, where the NYlon gathering, that was organized by Rachel, took place. After an early flight to London and an exhausting walk from the tube station to the hostel, where I stayed, I just had time for a quick fresh up and clothes change, before I went to the V&A to meet the others. London showed once more, that I only have to travel there and the weather will be beautiful. Still I'm waiting for the day that I travel to London and the sun won't shine.

Summer was in full swing and I enjoyed time in my garden, sewing in the backyard and preparing a pattern, that should later in the year become my favourite make of 2014. Whenever I had the chance I was outside and when I could, I visited my family and we drove to the Baltic Sea to enjoy the sunny days.

Stefanie from Sea of Teal, my colleague Sandra and me on the red carpet
Travelling again! This time a visit to the German capital again. So often as in 2014, I haven't visited Berlin before and there are still some parts, I haven't visited yet. I was there for Fashion Week and together with a colleague and a German blogger, I visited the Designer for Tomorrow award show. That was also where Ioana Ciolacu presented her first collection, a designer that one the award the year before and whom we worked together with before her collections production. Unfortunately we did have a massive rain shower before the show, which made the day a bit uncomfortable, and I also had to realize that wearing heels ain't my thing anymore.

The first weekend of August a good friend from study times, came over to visit and we spent a weekend sewing. I cut a waistcoat, some shorts and sewed a black shirt, which is also on the favourite list of 2014.
I also went swimming in the Baltic Sea and had some nice weekends on the beach.

True backpackers style

Second travel month of the year! I love to take my holidays in March and September, as there are good deals and the most of the travel destinations are not so crowded. This month I did a round trip from London to Biarritz, where I spent a week trying to surf. Then I moved on to Brussels, from there to my study town and back to Hamburg. In London I stayed with Charlie, which was lovely and in Biarritz I met great people in the hostel that I stayed in.

In October I made a pair of flared jeans, which became my favourite pair of pants. I also had to bring my bike to the repair shop, for about the third or fourth time this year. That caused my wish for a new bike and my amazing brother put together a new bike for me, that he made based on an old bike I used to go to school with. I got it before Christmas and it was the most amazing gift. I need to take a picture of the bike, it's really awesome.

Using a quote from the song "The Road" by Frank Turner, to embellish a sweater

My favourite weekend of November? Definitely the weekend, where we had the annual company Christmas party and then the day thereafter I went to a wheelgymnastics competition with a friend. Lack of sleep meant that we got really stupid in the evening and played crazy games on the drive back from Lower Saxony to Hamburg. Good memories!

Somehow December flew by really quickly and as I brought my sewing machine to the repair shop, I couldn't make anything new. Instead I tried some new recipes and before Christmas I also started knitting again. I unraveled a sweater that I once started but would never finish and used the wool to make a knitted hat instead.

Whew! Writing this review made me realise, how busy this year was and how many trips I took. I love to travel, so for 2015 I already have some weekend trips planned. Also there are many fabrics in my stash that only wait to be made into beautiful garments and I guess first thing I do on January 1st, if my machine is back by then, will be to sew up the projects, that I've cut today.

Hopefully I'll also get around to take pictures of my favourite makes of 2014 by then!
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