Dungaree Dress - so cool

I had this dress in mind for a long time. I wanted to have a denim dress with some special details. Originally I planned to use a striped biastape which I love since it's been in our assortment, but unfortunately it was sold out, when I wanted to order it. I had already chosen the buttons in hot pink, so then I decided to go with simple pink bias tape instead. It looks great as well!

The pattern is from Burdamode 5/95 Mod.119. The Nineties are back in fashion, so which better way to create a look than with an orginal pattern from that period. I think denim dungarees were also a big thing in the Seventies, so all of my favourite eras are covered here.

The fabric is a cotton denim with a little bit of stretch similar to this one.

I love the fact, that this dress has pockets. They are very roomy, so you could wear this dress very well on a festival, which I plan to do next weekend, and stuff all your important things in there. The pattern actually wants you to line the facing with the biastape, but I only had a little bit more than a metre and so, I only used it for the princess seams in the front.
 The back has pockets as well. I gave the dress a bit more shape in the waist, than it was drafted for. Though I like a roomy dress, it looked a little bit unflatterin, so I took in the sideseams each side, about two centimetres.
 I wore the dress with my stripey tee, which I also made. Oh, and the pink socks, were also handknitted. I love my handmade life!
Close-up of the front part with the princess seams, pink bias tape and the cute buttons.
Here you can see all the topstitching that I made. The thread is very old and is from the heritage of old thread and vintage buttons, that I got from the tailors shop of my grand father.

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