Me-made May 2013 Day One to Five

I'll post a round-up of the me-made outfits every five days, because that fits best into my busy schedule this month.
 Day 1 consisted of the me-made outfit, which I want to wear every Wednesday (challenge!). This outfit consists of me-made pants made with my trusted pattern from Burda, a simple top made of a Burda pattern and a self-drafted cardigan in a lovely mustard yellow. Fabrics are all from stoffe.de, but unfortunately sold out right now. I have some remnants from the pants, and I hope that it will be enough for a skirt.
 Day 2 was a comfortable outfit for work, where the me-made item ist the top. It's a simple raglan sleeve top from a magazine called Sabrina. The jeans were bought second-hand in Redwood City and are actually Target. The fabric of the shirt is actually a fabric which was once used by H&M in a spring collection.
 Day 3 is a simple and comfrortable outfit for working at home. Later I changed into shorts, because the weather was so nice. The shirt is from a self-drafted pattern and has a wide back and small cap sleeves.
 Day 4 was a dress and cardigan. Here in Hamburg one really raises eyebrows if you are dressed too summery in May!, so I wore the cardigan to tone things down a little bit. The dress is actually self-drafted from the same pattern as the shirt from day 3. Fabric is from Karstadt, about two years ago. I made the dress for my California road trip.
Day 5 was a simple woven top, which looks like a tee and some cut off jeans. The fabric is silk and cotton and feels great on the skin, perfect for a warm spring day.


  1. I love all of these outfits!! The floral prints are beautiful. You're having a great MMM so far. So fun!

  2. Very nice prints! The first one is my favorite.


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