New idea: Chevron Quilt

Trying out fabric combinations with the new fabric table at stoffe.de
So, I've been sewing for nearly 10 years already, and have just realized that I haven't tried much apart from sewing clothes. Okay, there has been the occasional pillow and I also had a massive period where I was only sewing bags ( in the beginning of my sewing career), but I've come to realize that I really lack knowledge about different sewing techniques.
Something I want to change and so I 've been thinking about making my first quilt. There have been a lot of really pretty quilts in the sewing world in the past weeks, e.g Luzia Pimpinellas triangle quilt or Dickmadammes colourful version.

I want to have a quilt for my bedroom and it should match my curtains. The curtains have stripes in pink, grey and a really pretty mint-turquoise-greenish colour, which I love. I already got a matching lamp at Ikea which only needs to be installed.
So I've been searching the internet for fabrics in those colours and I think that I've found the perfect match. These cotton fabrics from stoffe.de are from the same supplier, so they are the same weight and colour patch.
quick design scribble

Now I only need to calculate how much of the fabrics I need and decide on a colour for the backside and the binding. I think I'll use some fleece on the backside, possibly in pink.
For the pattern I want to do a really simple chevron. I've found this tutorial on YouTube, which illustrates the process very well - and triangles should't be too difficult to match and sew.

Here you can see some of the fabrics that I chose.

Cotton Flowers 9 
Cotton Vichy – 0,2 cm, 7 
Cotton stars small 17
Disclaimer: Yes, I work for the company that operates the webshop stoffe.de, but even if I wouldn't work there, it would have been my first stop to look for the perfect fabrics.


  1. Wie lustig - ich habe genau den gleichen Plan für einen Zickzack-Quilt und auch das gleiche Tutorial gesehen :)

    Bin gespannt, wie dein Quilt aussehen wird!

  2. very good :)



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