Rediscovering German Fashion Brands

Outfit Laurel Outfit Laurel
I never really considered buying anything from Laurel so far, it's just a brand in my mind that old ladies wear and I'd never thought that one day I'd take their fashion as a source of inspiration. But the design team seems to have noticed this and they vitalised the brand.
The looks above are my favourite ones from the current lookbook. I mean combining stripes in an unusual manner, looks like they saw my striped tee ;-)
The dotted pants are just gorgeous, anybody who can tell me where to get dotted cotton-elasthan, please comment! I need to find similar fabric, because as always the size of these pants only goes up to German 42, which is a size too small for me.
Betty Barclay I rediscovered when I browsed magazines at an appointment with my doctor today. They have amazing printed pants, unfortunately I couldn't find them online yet. I think they will be at the point of sale in the next months.
Maybe something similar could be made of Jersey Salima?

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