I've got a heart for crochet

Last night I found my small crochet hook while I was unpicking my stuff in the new apartment and then I remembered that I already cut a chain for a necklace that I wanted to make. I started and made simple stitches around the chain with green yarn and after a while I found that it was shaping into a nice heart shape, so I carried on working on the piece, made a second round with simple stitches again. Today I finished the project by adding two rows of pink stitches on the inside of the chain and voilá I'm finished. I dislike jewellery made of silver or gold, but this one I can imagine wearing with a simple t-shirt or blouse in white or black. I have some neon yellow and pink plastic cord that I once bought at the 1 € store and I'll try to turn that into a necklace as well. I'll keep you updated on that project, but I will only start it once I'm in the new flat which will be in about two days. I can't wait!

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