Apartment Therapy

I always love to read about the cravings of others and so I thought about sharing mine now and again as well. Of course at the moment I cut back on clothing and fabrics for clothing and spend the money on pieces for my apartment. So this month my list is about furniture and decoration. Here we go:
1) The Rainbow Door Curtain would be great for my door to the kitchen. I'm thinking about removing the door so that I have more space for additional storage. With the curtain I could separate hallway and kitchen anyway.

2) Colourful bedding brighthens up every morning. This floral duvet cover from Urban Outfitters has a large size scarf print and the vibrant colours lighten up the mood instantly.

3) I'm uncertain about pendant lamps. Though I often like them I fear that they will be hanging in the way. Maybe I could position the light above a table, then it wouldn't be such a problem.

4) Cushions are so great to change the look of a room. They can be easily replaced and are so easy to sew, you can make different ones for the different seasons. This colourful floral one by Zara would look great with other plain pieces of furniture.

5) I love this chair! And the best thing? I got a chair in the same 60s style by my grandmother, it just needs a new cover and then it will look as dazzling as this 249€ one by Ikea. I'll document this upholstery project, as soon as I found the perfect fabric.

6) This bathroom rug is great to give colour to my otherwise white bathroom.

7) Maybe for the corridor? A simple lamp that looks better than the cellar-style one, which I use currently.

8) Okay, summer is over, but how cute would this light look on my terrace. Imagine long summer nights, sitting outside with candle light. Oh, I can't wait for the next summer to begin.

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