In Full Swing

Can someone please stop me? I didn't make one, not two, not three but four pieces today. I just can help it , I admit I'm sewing obsessed. It all started yesterday when I had the new black thread and made the simple skirt. In the evening I wrote a list on what I wanted to make in the next weeks and today I made everything except for one shirt, but I fear that as soon as I have finished writing this post I'm going to start cutting the pieces.

I started today with a bikini from the leftovers of the fabric from yesterdays skirt. I had already cut the pieces and just needed to fold over the edges and zig zag along the edge to make them look nicer. I'm missing a ribbon to make the ties, but I'll get that next week
Then I went on and made a bag from the leftovers of my African printed cotton fabric. I didn't use a pattern just cut some rectangles for the straps, the body of the bag and the little inside pocket. It was so nice to sew a cotton fabric again, the construction is so much easier than slippery polyester and jersey fabric.
Next I made a pair of shorts. The fabric is a dishtowel that I got from a supermarket!

 I got four towels for I think 1 € each and they were perfect for the four pieces of the shorts. I used my pyjama pants pattern and just shortened it.
I love the colours and unintentionally I made the first striped garment for Streifen-Monat-Juli. I first thought to leave the pants in this 7/8 length and just roll up the legs, if I wanted to wear shorts, but it was so bulky I just took the scissors and cut off the length. The hem is just finished with a zig zag stitch and can unravel a bit, to give it a relaxed look.
After these shorts I made a second pair. If you're on a run, you can't stop it, right? The fabric was purchased at a flea market in Hamburg and from the two metres that I got I will be able to make something else as well. I'm thinking of a dress but don't know which pattern I will use yet.
This shorts was inspired by a a pair that I saw on the Sew Tessuti blog. I'm yet undecided on the length and the white stripe on the hem. I used the selvedge for the hem and that was white, but maybe I'll fold it under. The fit of the shorts is not perfect, I think the crotch area could be a bit more loose, but for a quick summer project it's fine. Now I will do a bit of blog reading and get inspired for further projects!


  1. I love the towel shorts! How clever of you, and they look great.

  2. What a great idea, to make short from towels! I really like your shorts, they are fun and colourfull and great for summer.


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