A new me-made and some interesting books

I'm so happy. It is Wednesday and I finally wear something me-made and get around to take a picture of the outfit. Since this happened rarely in the past weeks, I quickly post the outcome before I get lost in my books again. What kind of books I'm reading right now? You'll see at the end of this post. But first, let's see the me-made-garment. See what the other lovely ladies made on the blog of Catherine.
The fabric is actually quite old, I posted about it on my second post in Mai 2011, which made me realize that I completely missed the first birthday of my blog. Wow, I already document what I make for a year! Well, on to a sucessfull second year then. I have some plans for the blog and as soon as I finish my studies I'll try to turn the ideas in my head into reality. But first I have to conquer the last battle of my studies which is the final thesis. On Monday I officially applied for the thesis and in 2 months I'll hopefully be able to call myself a Bachelor.
Here you can get a glimpse of what I'm working on. I love my topic because it is something that I'm really passionate about and enjoy getting into it even further.
Can you guess what I'm writing about?

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  1. Hallo, ich schätze, dass du über DIY und Social Media schreibst oder so ähnlich. Es macht es auf jeden Fall um einiges leichter über etwas zu schreiben, das man liebt.

    Ich habe übrigens auch an der HS Niederrhein studiert und meine Masterarbeit über DIY Fashion geschrieben. Die Ergebnisse meiner Umfrage habe ich auf meinem Blog veröffentlicht. Falls ich dir irgendwie mit deiner Bachelorarbeit helfen kann, lass es mich wissen.

    Viel Erfolg noch!


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