The Comfy Cardigan! Finally!

Yay, I made it. After more than a year in the make, I finished my cardigan a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunalety it is a bit too warm to wear now, but I think it will be great for long nights at the beach. The cardigan is so comfy and cuddly, the ideal thing to just wrap in and feel good. I have to admit though, I didn't finish it by  myself. My expert-knitter mom made the final touches like adding a button tab and shortening the sleeves, which were about 15 cm too long.
I finished the jacket by sewing on the wooden buttons.
I had to play a little bit with Gimp, because my room is a total mess right now. I'm currently in the final steps of my studies, which means I do an internship and go home and write something for my final thesis. The topic is really fun and has a lot to do with the things I love - sewing and fabrics. But somehow the time gets lost and I neglect the housework.
Anyway, here are some closeups of the buttons and the collar which is knitted in a 2x2 rib.

The yarn was a bargain buy from Woolworth, I think it cost me in total 25 € and I still have two or three balls left. I know that this jacket will be a jacket for my life. It was inspired by a cardigan that my mother made about 25 years ago, which became a favourite of mine and which she still wears on cold evenings. The shape hugs the body and the pockets are in just the right height to keep the hands warm. The pattern was taken from an old magazine, but I only took that as a guide and adjusted the number of rows and stitches according to my measurements.

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