Platz ist in der kleinsten Hütte

I know, I know, I usually post in English but here I couldn't restrain of using this German saying which means something like "Space is in the smallest room". As I already mentioned before I live in Hamburg now and I only rent a room in the house of a family. Therefore I had to accomodate my sewing room into this small room. I succeded by leaving much of my stuff behind and only taking scraps that are large enough to make something. On one of my sewing frenzy weekends I managed to use quite an amount of fabrics so soon I will be able to shop again for fabric. Of course it is very alluring if you work with fabrics the whole day and see what will be in stock soon, but so far I restricted myself to buy only a piece of lining and a high quality bamboo silk mix. The lining was used already for the dress from one of my last posts.
Anyway I wanted to show you, how I make the most of the small space that I have.
This is one corner of my room where I store all the pattern magazines, cut out patterns and my sewing machine. The Burda magazine from 7/2000 is my favourite issue so far. I already made a couple of garments from that issue and many of my simple tops were drafted using a top from this issue as a pattern.

 I store all my fabrics in this plastic container. It fits underneath my bed and makes use of the space, that would otherwise be useless. I don't have a cutting table or anything, it's back to the floor, but the parquet that I have is very good for cutting.

I got this little box in the hardware store and small items fit perfectly into the container.

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