Did I say I won't buy fabric ?

Glamour L.A. 2
I could not let this chance go to get this gorgeous fabric at work. It is currently the "Fabric of the Week" and therefore it was only 1,99€ the metre. Who could say no at such a price ? I got 3 m and plan to make a drapey cardigan and a fancy top. This evening I sewed up my other purchase:
This looks like Panne Velvet but is actually a jersey with burn out print. It's very stretchy with this interesting texture and I made it into a simple top.
Since the fabric is very see through it's necessary to wear a top underneath or use a lining. The pattern has just 4 seams so it was very quick to sew. I made French seams because I don't have a serger at home right now. I think in total it took 2 and a half hours ( cutting and sewing, dinner break included). If I make it again I will change the neckline, it is a bit too wide for my taste. I think a smaller neckline is more flattering. I'll probably change the neckline soon, maybe use a binding and gather it.

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