Things I want to do before the year ends

It's already the 7th of December and soon the year 2011 will be over. Next year will be exciting as I will hopefully finish my studies and start a new chapter of my life. So, I want to enjoy the last days of this year as much as possible and create things that will remind me of this year. This year has been so great to me, I want to end it on a high note. Here are the plans of what I want to accomplish in the remaining 24 days of the year 2011.
  • finish the cardigan that has been in the works for nearly a year now
  • craft christmas cards for all the people who made the year so special
  • attach bias tape to the shoe blouse so that it can be washed
  • think about my wardrobe and evaluate which items are missing
  • organize my stash and plan what to make of the fabrics
  • find out which proportions work best for my body taking this as my inspiration
  • don't forget to open the doors of my christmas calendar
We'll see if I make everything happen, but I guess it's already good to think about what you want to do even if you can't fulfill all the things. Do you have any sewing or craft related plans for the upcoming months ?

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