These shoes are made of...

Blouse: me-made ( Sabrina Woman Modemagazin 3/2011 Modell 9 )
Jeans. thrifted Oxfam ( H&M)
Boots: 3 years old from Siemes

This blouse is the first item that I made from this pattern magazine. It was the first issue that I got and I am quite pleased I have to say. I always thought that the patterns in there wouldn't really be fashionable but now I think differently. This pattern is originally made for a knit but I just cut out the largest size and sewed french seams. For the front I added 5 cm in the middle fold and in the back about 2 cm, as much as the fabric width allowed. Because I wanted to wear the blouse today therefore I wore it with the Lanvin-style hem, but during the day the fraying started to become worse and so I really need to fix the hem with some bias tape before I wear it again or put in in the washing machine.
Lanvin-style hem

pretty French seam

The fabric is from my haul when I was in Berlin and met up with Katarina. Since fun prints are en vogue again I thought that this makes a nice fall item.
Today was me-made Mittwoch again and therefore I have to say goodbye to take a look at what the other gals did. Catherine shows a skirt today that is similar to my panel skirt.


  1. Ich habe mich immer gefragt, was man aus solch tollen Stoffen machen kann, nun weiß ich es und werde beim nächsten Stoffkaufhausbesuch bestimmt nicht mehr um die Schuhstapel herum kommen. LG Hibbel

  2. Nice blouse! I've got quite a few shoe-prints in my stash myself... ;)


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